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We believe ideas come from everywhere, but funding and support is concentrated in hubs. NO BULL is about breaking out of hubs and bringing fundraising, acceleration and funding to idea builders everywhere, 100% virtual.


Get your startup in front of investors who invest in startups like yours without all the back and forth.

Get an investment decision at the end of 75 minutes with guaranteed follow up within 14 days.

Get actionable feedback from investors and expert observers.

This is not pitching, this is selling. Selling your vision, your team, your tech and yourself.


Join our virtual cohorts that are building world class startups in a 100% remote way.

On the 15 week program, you will go from idea to revenue – or fail. Working everyday in our virtual HQ, you will have instant access to other cohort members, a vibrant community of startups, shared services of developers, UX professionals, fractional CxOs, sales, marketing and everything they need to build a superb business.


Start from where you are, go everywhere.


30% of everything we make from no-bull goes into the no-bull sidecar fund.

The fund is focused on climate and poverty impact startups, under-represented founders, 

The fund will automatically invest in startups that complete our accelerator and others that raise via our ::raise platform who meet our theme criteria.


Gain valuable insights into the fundraising process and startup ecosystem

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Built by founders and investors.

For founders and investors.

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